The Big Innovations team is led by dynamic professionals with diverse experience running small and large companies in multiple industries. We function as master contractors with a network of over 40 specialized contractors, freelancers and companies representing the best of the best of creative, technology and sales & marketing talents at competitive rates. We offer an exemplary track record of big innovations and make-it-happen execution, all grounded in sales, marketing, development and technology disciplines. We are both idea originators and project executors. That means we don't just come up with conceptual solutions for our clients to fulfill; we actually roll up our sleeves and get the whole job done.

We subscribe to a customer-centric philosophy because customers are the lifeblood of any organization. By helping our clients connect more closely with their customers, resulting solutions are on target. By applying competitive analysis techniques, we help clients stand out from the crowd leaving buyers little reason to shop elsewhere. Through a potent blend of best-in-class talent, innovation, execution and customer-centered philosophy we apply proven techniques to discover, develop and implement the superior, intelligent tactics & deliverables growing businesses need to succeed.

Here's a brief selection of some of our more recent accomplishments:

  • Developed major new websites with award-winning designs loaded with marketing "hooks" for lead acquisition, effective e-commerce sales and the ultimate form of marketing segmentation capability. A shrewder website development or modernization process
  • Significantly contributed to helping a team wanting to enter the investor newsletter publishing industry develop best-in-class products, a killer e-commerce website, a smart strategic plan, all branding, original creative, etc. In short, the BI team took them from an idea to a complete launch platform contributing in every way.
  • Created branding, all marketing messaging & sales collateral and a narrated online sales presentation for several products & services in a very short timetable. We do SEO (search engine optimization) while we develop such content to maximize the ROIs over even the very long term.
  • Expanded new lead flow by 450% and grew monthly sales volume from $1M to $4.5M for a smaller client.
  • Produced a broad mix of web media for advertising needs including bandwidth-stingy flash presentations, animated banner ads, interactive banners, streaming media, video, audio, podcasts, online infomercials, HD video, promotional CD and DVD media, etc.
  • Developed a lucrative new B2B revenue stream from a previously untapped source. This yielded nearly $9M in new recurring revenues.
  • Created a million-dollar publishing division from scratch for a company with no previous publishing experience. The client confirms this is now the most profitable part of his (long-established) business.
  • A BI-designed new product development deliverable was selected in lieu of more than 5K competing designs making several contributing cameos in the 2011 motion picture Limitless starring Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro.
  • Produced a wide variety of original print & email creative, dazzling newsletter designs, magazine & newspaper ads, direct mail promotions, promotional booklets, tabloids, original logos, letterhead, business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.
  • Helped a company meaningfully cut overall costs by nearly 35% through new process efficiencies saving approximately $6M per year.
  • Planned and directed a variety of photo & video shoots including scripting, story boarding, post processing, etc for PR and promotional purposes.
  • Developed bandwidth-friendly interactive quizzes with voice-over narration and engaging animations to hold each prospect's attention and sell big-ticket products & services online by capitalizing on the persuasive power of the human voice.
  • Helped several companies develop formal strategic plans driven by thorough customer & competitive analysis and internal innovation. These include recommendations for new and enhanced quality lead and revenue streams, lucrative new product lines, a formal product development process and key business model innovations to position the companies for superior growth. Installing a planning culture is crucial to amping up a business sales price for any company owner wanting to cash out and maximize their take.
  • Forged lucrative alliances to facilitate partner marketing and risk reduction.
  • Investigated major acquisitions, conducted full due diligence and presented formal recommendations to prospective buyers. Also, prepared companies for sale with emphasis on maximizing the selling price.
In addition to these most recent accomplishments, we also offer:
  • Direct response expertise- we've designed numerous multi-million dollar campaigns, prospect-wowing direct mail & direct email pieces. We can help you develop similar cost-effective marketing thrusts that yield powerful results.
  • Developed 2 highly successful opt-in e-letters in two different industries. We know the opt-in and e-zine strategies that actually work. We can help you tap a lucrative new lead stream and/or sales channel through cheap electronic mediums.
  • Samples of the Portfolio Proven processes and models- Learn more about our collective brilliance approach for uncovering YOUR next big thing. Learn more about our formal product development process to increase the likelihood of launching a big winner. Learn about our empowering strategic planning expertise to maximize your ROI on your own people and reach your goals faster than ever before. We have terrific solutions for anyone wanting to buy or sell a business.
  • All elements related to subscription and/or membership models- we've done everything related to building and growing profitable subscription-based businesses- online & off. From lead capture to renewals, upselling, cross-selling, loyalty programs, premium-priced subscription offerings, list sourcing and much more, we have rich experience creating and growing subscription models.
  • All elements related to publishing- especially financial publishing, investor newsletter publishing, etc.: we've developed every kind of product including successful books, e-zines, seminars, online webinars, educational courses (video- HD & SD, BD & DVD, CD, audio, flash), newsletters, email alert services, infomercials, etc.
  • Superior creative, branding experience, sales support, significant seminar/trade show background, PR, Emarketing, television advertising, etc.

Having led major companies and large teams of people as well as working in support of small enterprises we understand first hand what it takes to make businesses flourish. If your business could benefit from a fresh creative viewpoint contact the Big Innovations team right now. We can bring you the killer solutions to execute your plan and/or offer our growth recommendations to tangible profitability... then turn them into reality for you. Innovation AND execution- that's Big Innovations. We look forward to helping you discover- and profit from- your next big thing. FREE consultation

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