We pride ourselves on making beautiful form go hand-in-hand with customer-centered function in everything that we do. Sometimes going that extra mile is rewarded in unexpected ways.

One of our new product development creations was selected from a pool of more than 5,000 competing product designs to be a contributing prop in the 2011 major motion picture Limitless, staring Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro...

The story is about a struggling writer who is given a pill that can unlock 100% of the potential of the human brain. The BI-designed product has cameos in several scenes when the lead puts his new-found intellect to the task of literally going from rags to riches. Below see some screen shots from the movie (red arrows point to the BI product creation within the frames)...

Our client is a very small financial publisher and this particular product development project involved creating a wow investor recommendation & education newsletter that he sells via a lucrative subscription model. The company who produced the motion picture- Relativity- could have selected investor-oriented newsletters from thousands of competitors- many of which are much larger than this company- but they elected to use this one presumably because they wanted impressive props for their movie.

When engaged by this client one of our many observations from competitive analysis was that his competitors generally offered products that looked tired... designs that might have been considered fresh in approx. 1986. One of many ways we proposed helping him take share from established competitors was by wowing up the visual design to a more professional level. Much like a great paint job on a car, visual design can be an initial grabber drawing in prospective buyers for a closer look. Building a wow design shell for this product helped it stand out from the crowd resulting in a record surge in revenues right out of the gate... plus a couple of cameos in a major motion picture.

And note, BI is not just about the art side of such things. Driven by customer & competitor analysis we also recommended substantial new function to go with that grabbing form. Several of our functional recommendations contributed to the revenue surge (too) as it is wow function that motivates buyers to keep the products they buy. That paint job on the car might stir up each prospect's interest but the engine and other functionality must also dazzle to motivate him or her to actually take that car home. We help client's weave both form & function together in impressive ways.

Other related BI recommendations have helped this small business gain top organic website search rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, superior to the established competitors with deeper pockets & resources. We developed strong launch marketing creative to showcase the new function & form to the world and we leveraged a number of marketing mediums to position the product as best-in-class. Etc.

Engaging BI means getting talent that goes the extra mile striving to deliver above & beyond... as we did for this client. Try us, and we'll wow you too! FREE consultation

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