FIVE STAR BUSINESS EDUCATION BY THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS (BI) experts can delight your target audience as professional, polished speakers at your upcoming event, convention, conference, seminar or educational sessions anywhere in the world. Over the last couple of decades, our talented team has conducted hundreds of presentations for small (up to 100), medium (hundreds) and large groups of event attendees (up to as many as 10,000+ people in keynote presentations). We always do a relevant, "above & beyond" job so that you and your attendees can be WOWed at the quality, education and value conveyed... all masterfully catered to your audience & industry.

Our affiliate referral program can pay very well for each new client you refer.

Marketing BI business education presentations or seminar sessions to your audience can include very tangible benefits for them like:

  • Completely objective session(s): there is no hidden agenda beyond the presentation (we are there for your attendees… not to sell our latest book, video package, seminar, etc). BI sessions are commercial-free presenting only the rich content they will love!
  • Long-term, vetted expertise: All BI speakers have at least 15 to 30+ years of proven specialized experience driving record business growth through diverse business innovation. No rookies.
  • Value-packed presentation: we seek to load each session with useful information extraordinarily relevant to your industry and their businesses.
  • Immediately actionable insights: our focus is on good ideas they can put into play right away and realize impressive results. Our sessions acknowledge why they go to the time & expense of attending your event by giving them what they want most.

Our Business Presentation Development Model For Highest Quality Event Sessions
The BI model of developing dazzling, eye-candy (presentations) for professional speaking engagements always involves a great effort toward enchanting attendees with a "best of show" session(s). We achieve highest audience review ratings again and again through a variety of experience-driven variables honed over many years of business presenting:

  • Linear flow or dynamically interactive: we can present in the classic, step-by-step form or involve the audience, branching the session in up to highly variable ways based upon attendee participation.
  • Incorporate the cutting edge by constantly updating what we already know: we don't recycle a tired, old presentation; BI sessions evolve with the latest & greatest information.
  • Research the industry: we make a current pass of industry websites, PR, marketing, etc to detect the latest breakthroughs. If the event coordinator has recommendations for specific sources of information likely to be of interest to attendees, we act on such recommendations and weave in those fresh(est) insights. For example, in a recent engagement, we were asked to objectively interview several industry superstars and incorporate their "insider" perspectives into the presentation.
  • Eye-grabbing & captivating: BI presentations are never a boring stream of text-overloaded slides. We subscribe to "a picture is worth a thousand words" by blending impressive imagery, charts, graphs, tables, animations, audio, video & more so that we transfer the knowledge & information in the most effective way.
  • Time adaptation: we're very good at expanding or contracting BI presentations to fit your target timeframes. Whether you need the typical 30-60 minute sessions or up to a half or full-day event, we deliver exactly what you seek.
  • Develop impressive collateral (such as supporting handouts, quizzes, etc) as desired.
  • We're always well rehearsed so that the live event is perfectly timed, polished & professional. Your attendees deserve the best; give it to them.
  • Responsive Q&A: every question gets answered. If a question(s) is asked that we can't answer on the spot, we find & deliver the answer ASAP thereafter.

Topics Our Professional Business Presenters Can Cover Exceptionally Well

Our team offers dazzling educational information & actionable business tactics related to the following topics:

  • Membership or Subscription Business Models: feasibility, relevance, pros & cons, installation, pricing, profitability, marketing tips, common mistakes made by the do-it-yourselfers, operational & accounting advantages, changes to the way entrepreneurs do business, growing revenue-per-subscriber, enhancing retention, uncovering new sources of buyers & qualified leads, Internet and/or mobile publishing platforms & models, etc.
  • Marketing: Optimal planning & strategy, sourcing quality leads, converting leads into buyers, effective tactics & campaigns, building brand for top-of-mind awareness, correctly targeting markets, stellar business communications, 3 dimensional (customer, competitor and company) research to identify & better sell a target market(s), balancing quality & price pressures, leveraging USP (unique selling proposition), segmenting a customer base, nurturing loyalty & building trust, maximizing a direct response model, proper budgeting, avoiding business myopia, CEM (customer experience management), marketing warfare strategies, advertising & promotion, etc.
  • Emarketing & Internet Business: Social-proofing a business, personalizing & humanizing to drive more sales, one-to-one marketing breakthroughs, Email marketing fundamentals, multimedia marketing, website marketing solutions, better Ecommerce models, automated service, Internet analytics & tools, SEO, PPC, social media, viral marketing, mobile marketing opportunities, online public relations, keywords & tagging, Internet advertising revenue models, best practices, etc.
  • Sales: monetizing greater numbers of leads & prospects, telemarketing (feasibility & fit, internal or outsource?, smooth installations, training, best reward programs to drive maximum sales, increasing revenue-per-salesperson, etc.), converting cost center (service departments) into revenue-growing (sales) contributors, negotiating, best techniques, better managing a sales force, motivating sales maximization, uncovering big innovations from the front lines, cross-selling, upselling, proven alternatives to discounting, building perceived value, etc.
  • Product Development & Management: new product research techniques, differentiation, life cycle, involving the target market in your development model, evaluating your product mix vs. new opportunities, growing competitive advantage, repeat buyer drivers, reviving a fading cash cow, good idea to new product from scratch, etc.
  • Website & App Software Development: ideal model of developing websites or apps, crucial business layers beyond the technical basics, assessing the revenue potentials, great app idea to great app (with no programming skills), website & app marketing tactics, best lead capture hooks, top lead qualifier tactics, automating customer service, etc.
  • Strategic Planning & Execution: growth catalyst qualitative & quantitative research, competitor assessment techniques, SWOT, mission & vision, strategy & tactics, goals & objectives, effective plan communication, managing per the plan, objective metrics, accountability, performance thresholds & incentive programs, etc.
  • Business Innovation: innovating your next big thing, business modeling, the customer-centered model, maintaining & growing competitive advantage, building your value proposition, leveraging research as an innovation catalyst, effective team innovation, facilitating an innovative business culture, etc.
  • Startup Idea to Profitability: planning & implementation, efficient execution, infrastructure vs. outsourcing, narrowly targeting initial buyers, developing the first product or service from scratch, launch marketing plan & tactics, publicity, building image, the startup entrepreneur's checklist, etc.
  • Customized Presentations: have an idea for a great presentation? We cost & time-efficiently develop customized, best-in-class presentations that you can present yourself or have us present for you. Have a tired, "ho-hum" presentation(s) that needs modernized into an audience dazzler? We do that too. If you want to win "best of show" accolades at your next event, seminar, conference, etc, contact us and we can arm you with an outstanding presentation that will wow your audience and/or please your superiors & peers. When all eyes are upon you, give them the best!

Include Top Business Topic Presenters At Your Next Event... Anywhere in the World
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