Welcome to Big Innovations (hereafter BI)- an experienced source of resourceful professionals ready to help you discover and implement the next big thing for your company. We work with would-be entrepreneurs to monetize their dreams. We help established small & medium-sized businesses leverage fresh approaches and proven solutions to grow beyond their current realm or break through what sometimes feels like hard-cap revenue ceilings. We can modernize and strengthen a tired image/product/website, streamline operations or quickly turn around companies trending in the wrong direction. We're the "Now what?" business-growth answer to most varieties of questions like: "I've got an idea... now what?" or "I want to do something new... now what?" or "We need fresh solutions... now what?" or "I need some capable pros to help me accomplish _________... now what?" and so on.

Big Innovations brings fresh ideas, fresh approaches, new ways of doing things aiming at wowing your buyers

Every company needs that versatile special projects manager(s)... the goto person(s) when the desired task is new or different enough that it isn't an automatic fit for any of the existing staff. Many companies face the challenge of needing a capable champion(s) for that 1+ additional project that must also get done but everyone already has overflowing plates. Most companies have short-term needs for highest-caliber talent to step in and help with specific objectives but absolutely no need to make those professionals permanent staff. Or they need temporary expertise or dynamic, deep resources to help solve problems or better exploit opportunities that are a bit of a stretch for the existing team. The Big Innovations team is THE answer to all that.

3 Atypical Benefits That Distinguish BI from Our Competition

Our core competencies are in all of the growth-side, customer-touchpoint functions of business: marketing & Emarketing, sales, development (Internet, product, business) and strategic planning. Relative to much of our competition, there are 3 atypical standout differentiaters:

  1. We are (also) about execution. We love to see a project through to profitable fruition NOT just deliver consulting recommendations and then leave it to others to hopefully implement them correctly. Most consultants have a reputation for delivering ideas as the endpoint of their engagement. We deliver high-impact ideas AND work with our clients to actually harvest their bounty. You'll appreciate the very tangible- and lucrative- difference.
  2. We are as deep as you need us to be. BI principals often function in the role of master contractor managing best-of-breed subcontractor specialists to get everything done at very high levels of quality... always on time and at budget. In simple terms, you bring your project, opportunity or problem to us and we manage the nitty-gritty of how to best get it addressed. Our deep network of growth-side expertise quickly scales up as needed. We're not just 1-4 professionals deep; we can assign dozens or hundreds of thoroughly-experienced people to projects that require them... whatever the task needs to get it done quickly and best-in-class. A small or medium-sized business can immediately challenge much larger competitors by leveraging a relationship with BI. A business owner or manager can immediately have whole departments ON DEMAND without piling up cash-eating payroll & benefit obligations, office space requirements, etc. A would-be entrepreneur can dynamically tap into expert marketers, expert sales & service, expert developers, etc. We quickly scale up to almost any need.
  3. We welcome pay-for-performance compensation elements. If there is an objective way to measure the tangible impacts of our deliverables and/or assistance (as is often the case in the growth-side work we do) we are happy to optionally share in the risk of the project or thrust in exchange for getting to also participate in some of the upside reward. Many consulting firms are reluctant to make a good chunk of their comp variable... which should tell you something about their own confidence in what they are offering to do for you. Our willingness- even encouragement- to structure compensation like this should tell you something about our confidence in what we can do for you.

Big Innovations solutions aim for all-time sales records. Engage our team to help blow out your numbers!BI is committed to excellence, always aiming for best-in-class wow! We bring fresh, creative minds to your situation sourced from a thoroughly-experienced core team and the best subcontractor specialist network talents we've discovered and utilized over our long careers. Our objectivity frees us from the "same old, same old" ways of thinking so that breakthrough solutions can yield outstanding, measurable results. We're not biased by internal spin because we're not subjected to that spin. We don't regularly hear the company rah-rah, troop-rallying sessions, so we're not subscribers to how "the boss" wants us to believe things are (which is rarely how things really are). Instead, we can see your business with tremendous clarity cutting right through all that bias & spin so that real problems can be identified & resolved quickly and/or real opportunities can be recognized & monetized.

BI is driven to discover and implement innovations. We love the challenge of helping businesses find that select product, concept, marketing tactic(s) or strategic initiative that can open the floodgates. Our work forges lucrative new revenue channels, uncovers large cost-saving opportunities and/or identifies efficiency improvements to unclog the pipes. We can help you start- or improve- your strategic planning process, install a lucrative subscription business model, capitalize on more cost-efficient forms of marketing like direct response, break into the rapidly-growing mobile app market and much more. We can work with your sales team to meaningfully grow revenue-per-employee. We can harvest much greater revenues and higher quality leads out of your website and e-commerce approaches. Etc. In a nutshell: whatever the channel or objective, we're about helping your business grow ASAP.

How Does Big Innovations Help Your Company Grow?

There can be many, widely-varying answers to this question based upon what you are wanting to accomplish or needing to fix. Contacting us for a FREE consultation is the best way to get a specific answer. The simplest answer would be that we dynamically apply best quality, completely-objective talent & resources to business problems or opportunities. We utilize a master contractor plus best-quality subcontractors model, meaning the most relevant & capable professional on our core team will function as your point-person manager and pull in other specialized talents as needed. This is a very cost-efficient arrangement in that you are not paying for idle staff on hand but only for talent as it is being applied to your objectives. It maximizes the ROI on the human capital needed to accomplish whatever you need.

A broader answer is that we leverage relevant, deep resources in marketing & Emarketing, sales, development (Internet, product, business) and strategic planning & execution. Since most problems or opportunities brought to us are about helping companies grow, our solutions often involve certain fundamentals:

  • We can work with your people because who knows your business better? We help them unleash their brilliance and unlock communication channels to bring great ideas out into the open. Every one of those people working for you has a creative brain that thinks about your business most of the hours they are awake. Some of them probably already know components of your next big thing. We can help you fully harvest the rich- but often untapped- potential of your greatest asset.
  • We can work with your customers, the people who supply the lifeblood of your business. They know what they want. They know what they need. The challenge is helping YOU know what they want & need in very specific reveals. You can't wow them until you really understand them. They won't fully open their wallets if you keep missing the bulls eye... their bulls eye. Our team is highly skilled at helping companies sharpen their aim. Very simply: our solutions move your buyers to clearly identify what they want to buy from your company. Quit guessing or overly depending on too much hope and luck. Let us apply our methods and you'll know exactly what they want.
  • We can analyze your competitors inside & out to identify their distinct advantages. Why do they get some market share you should own? What are they doing better than you? What can you do to overcome their advantages? What can you implement to take share from them? We can help you identify the strategies, tactics and actions necessary to dominate your market(s). Ideally, we'll help you implement those best-in-class solutions too!

This 3-dimensional view of your business that can yield the biggest innovations- the ones with maximum upside potential and minimal risk. We believe it to be the ideal mix of the art & science of marketing... the very best approach to classic marketing research... a fundamental and well-proven catalyst of explosive growth. Our objectivity yields an unmatched view of your company in all 3 dimensions, something difficult- if not impossible- to replicate when leaning exclusively on internal (typically biased) resources. You can use this strategic advantage to help you meaningfully grow your business in the short term.

If you are just starting out and have no people or customers (yet), WE can be your initial people. And we can focus greater effort on analyzing customers being sold by those with whom your new business will soon compete to help identify your ideal target market(s) and what that market values in your own offerings. Leveraging our experience and diversity of professionals can enhance your efforts to go to market without the mistakes very commonly made by the entrepreneur who tries to do everything themselves. One person can never do all business functions better than a team of specialists with great experience in those functions. Be smart about engaging capable talent and you can dramatically improve your chances of launching a successful enterprise or new strategic or tactical thrust. We would love to help you!

Explore our website to get a richer feel for our core competencies. Our strengths are centered in marketing & sales disciplines amplified with technology prowess and validated with proven track records of outstanding results. Again, we are not just consultants who come up with brilliant ideas; we can also be the team to convert great ideas- yours or ours- into new cash, new customers, etc. We make it very easy for you to try us and see for yourself. If you're ready for your next big thing, we're ready to help! FREE consultation

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