When was the last time your company launched an absolute killer product or service? Remember the enthusiasm for it? Remember the cash flows, profits and new opportunities it created? Our approach to product development is grounded in the power of the collective brilliance process. We apply a needs-based methodology by involving customers and/or prospects at all key stages of development to insure that designs stay on target.

Our model borrows best practices from world-renowned marketing masters yielding a straightforward process that can maximize the chances of success. It incorporates fundamentals like thoroughly listening to crucial stakeholders such as customers & company insiders while also lifting best-of ideas from competitors (who are working at least as hard trying to innovate new product breakthroughs to take share from you). As applied to new product or service development this blend of fundamental intelligence is an excellent catalyst for developing products or services that will wow buyers.

Optimal New Product or Service Development Model Step-by-Step

Use the following interactive simplified overview of the steps in an optimal product development model. When you hover over the image, left & right navigation arrows will appear. Click the right arrow to step forward through the presentation...

BI's New Product Development Process BI's New Product Development Process: Your Key Benefits BI's New Product Development Process: 3 Main Thrusts BI's New Product Development Process: Step 1 BI's New Product Development Process Step 2 BI's New Product Development Process Step 3 BI's New Product Development Process Step 4 BI's New Product Development Process Step 5 BI's New Product Development Process Step 6 BI's New Product Development Process Step 7 BI's can help you every step of the way

Every step attempts to screen out the dogs while flowing favorable concepts further along in the pipeline. Those that make it to commercialization will have reduced the risk of (expensive) failures to a minimum saving you both time and substantial money. The successes will be the big ideas with the best chances of capturing valuable market share and meaningful revenues with solid profits. As should be obvious by now this is THE best way to develop new products and services.

The Big Innovations team can offer any level of assistance incorporating any parts of the model into your own product development process. We can offer unbiased, outsider assistance in executing the model or up to a full turnkey deliverable yielding a new product extraordinarily likely to be a big, profitable hit for your business. A big part of our value is the objective nature of the relationship: we'll be able to see the outcomes and variables that are revealed by executing the model differently than company insiders biased to corporate spin, politics and "we've always done things that way" mentalities.

Customers want greatness. Prospects who don't know you will discover your offerings if you tempt them with a wow product that blows everything else away. Revenues & profits will pop. Employees will celebrate. Stakeholders will be thoroughly rewarded.

And once you've embraced the model your new product pipeline can fill with follow ups to that first major winner that can ride the momentum to ever-higher levels of tangible, profitable success.

Invite the Big Innovations team to show you how this model can help you grow your business. Just one great product or service launch can make all of the difference. Together, we can help your company roll out the next big thing.

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