Photo & digital retouching is fundamentally about perfecting raw photographs & videos. There are many names applied to the related tasks: photoshopping, processing, editing, restoration, slimming, age reduction, etc but they all revolve around a concept of taking an existing photograph or video clip and maximizing its appearance and/or impact. Creative artists use digital tools to take still or moving images from good (or not so good) to great.

This is very important to many Big Innovations clients as a good chunk of our work is in customer-touching deliverables: advertising, marketing creative, technology, product & website designs and so on. Your buyers want to be impressed. Average quality will not wow them. We can use a wide range of digital processing & retouch capabilities to turn plain or so-so into amazing. If new creative or messaging has one chance to make the targeted impression, it must be stellar. This is one cost-effective way to do that.

We utilize best-of-breed artists in our deep network of talent to work this magic. Typical engagements of this specialty is bundled with other deliverables in marketing or Emarketing, sales creative, website or product design, Power Point & multimedia presentations and so on. The task is often to make a person(s), company, product(s), website, presentation, etc. pop, so that it woos the greatest amount of attention and/or buyers.

Samples of Digital Retouch, Enhancments & Composite Art Deliverables

In this part of our services a picture(s) is literally worth a thousand words. Click through a few of our “before & after” exhibits in the below portfolio of samples. Hover over the slide to make left & right arrows appear. Click them to flip back & forth between original shots and retouched or enhanced versions of the same photos. They will show you good examples of what this kind of work can do for your own imagery or video.

A selection of before & after examples by the BI digital artist experts These are 'after' images. Focus your eyes on one of them and click the right arrow to see the 'before' version These are 'before' images- the originals as delivered to our artists. Focus your eyes on either of them and click the left arrow to flip back to the 'after' (digital processing) image These before & after head shots are a great example of what BI artists can do to improve a business executive photo Another before & after head shot illustrating wrinkle & shine removal and fine tuning Advertising imagery is one of the most mainstream applications of this service This is an 'after' photo of a business team, enhanced by our photoshopping talent. Click the right arrow to see the original shot prior to our processing This is the 'before' (original) photo of the team. Click the left arrow to flip back to the 'after' photo to see the changes we made Selling properties in a buyers market begs for presentations that dazzle. This is an 'after' image illustrating some of our enhancement & retouch capabilities This is the same photo in it's original form. Click the left arrow to compare the differences again. This is the first of 3 slides to illustrate a way to enhance product presentation photos, a very popular tactic for advertising & marketing purposes Our artists use composite design techniques to dress up simple product photos. This slide shows some of the images in their raw form This slide shows the composite design in it's final form... when the various pieces were digitally blended to yield a much more impressive product presentation. Contact us for a free consultation

While our artists can work wonders along these lines, we are most often asked for the following specific kinds of digital retouch services:

  • Video, Photo & Portrait Enhancements- de-aging (make subject(s) look younger, more attractive, etc.), mole or blemish removal, re-shaping subjects (digitally trim that waistline a few sizes), enhance the wow of big events (new acquisitions, new product launches, company parties, new store openings, partnerships, alliances, etc), make a team look more professional, wiser, enthusiastic, capable and so on, head shots, press release images, etc.
  • Image Clipping- erase practically anything from pictures or video that would otherwise be perfect. Our artists can remove almost anything in a shot resulting in a final deliverable that looks like whatever was lessening the impact of the photo or video was never there.
  • High Value Asset Editing and/or Retouching- improve the presentation of bigger ticket items you want to sell like real estate, yachts, jewelry, automobiles, time shares, tourist destinations, etc. Typical photos & video can look OK when delivered to us but they can really sizzle after our artists get to enhance them.
  • Photo Restoration- bring old, fading photos or video back to life. Share company history with old photos or video restored to look like they were shot yesterday. Replace missing pieces of photos (repair damage including breaks/scratches/tears in the original negative). Colorize black & white media or grayscale or sepia tone media shot in color.

With BI specialists, there’s no need to settle for “good enough.” We can make your media look great. If the goal is to dazzle prospects (and that should be one of your goals if you want to sell them), don’t show them anything less than your very best. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

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