A particularly effective form of marketing is called direct response (hereafter DR). As the name implies, DR is marketing directed right at its targeted prospects encouraging them to respond in a specific way. It is generally a proactive form of marketing meaning the seller is aggressively going after specific buyers rather than waiting for buyers to seek out the seller. As such, it tends to be much more successful at directly driving sales than many other forms of advertising & marketing.

You are experiencing variations of direct response marketing every time you open your mail or email boxes and find offers to buy a variety of products or services. You are watching direct response advertising when you see commercials pitching a product or service and concluding with a phone number and strong push to buy now. Infomercials, certain webinars and a variety of other mediums all become direct response creative when they cater to a targeted audience and encourage a specific action.

There Are Many Crucial Variables in Great Direct Response Marketing...

Here's a few of them:

Collective Brilliance research can help you narrowly define an ideal target market(s)
  1. Narrowly targeting the prospects: a good amount of our DR work involves renting very specific lists of relevant prospects. There are multitudes of lists available in both the B2B and B2C spaces giving you the ability to easily put your offer in front of a very specific kind of potential buyer. Lists can be screened to narrow the target. For example, if you had a product suitable only for women, aged 25-40, with college degrees, health care occupations and living within 250 miles of a particular city(s), you can screen for all of that and much more. In doing so, you filter out the irrelevant (prospects that don't meet your ideal criteria) so that only your ideal prospects are going to receive your offer. This is far superior to typical (buckshot) advertising (such as TV or Radio) where you must hope some of your target audience is watching or listening precisely when your ad happens to be running.
  2. Exceptional creative to pitch the product or service: DR creative must do many jobs. It has to establish you quickly, make your offering seem like a must have, build confidence in the prospect so they can trust your company, jack up perceived value so the subsequent offer appears to be a great bargain, etc. You are usually asking total strangers to be interested in your offering enough to open their wallets almost immediately after you first introduce your product or service to them. The creative is doing both the marketing & sales jobs. It must be exceptional!
  3. Call to action: the offer itself has a singular objective of moving the prospect to take action... NOW! Often this is a call to "buy now" via phone, Internet and/or mail. The offer will typically include multiple ways the prospect can respond and use a variety of shrewd tactics to motivate that response.
  4. Tabulation of results: the crucial step of measuring how each piece of creative performs determines the effectiveness of the creative. This is not just about counting total dollars made but also relative comparisons of creative vs. creative, targeted list vs. list, etc. Along with the revenues from the campaign, many other important insights are realized and documented. The smart direct response marketer uses this knowledge to more effectively harvest additional revenues in subsequent campaigns.

What Goes Into Intelligently Executing Direct Response Marketing Campaigns?

  • If you are quoted a list with a 5K minimum rental quantity at 20 cents per name, renting that minimum of 5K names is going to cost $1K.
  • A 10-list campaign in which all of the lists happen to share that same minimum & rental rate would cost $10K to promote those 50K names (10 lists of 5K names each).
  • A 100-list campaign with that same minimum & rental rate would cost $100K to promote 500K names.

Shrewd Moves: Using Statistical Sampling to Maximize Direct Response Marketing ROIs

BI is a capable source of wow creative able to develop DR marketing that can knock established control off their perch. We've even beaten our own creations when asked to outperform control pieces developed by our own team. Try us. Any DR marketing model makes testing one source of creative against another a relatively easy affair. Let us demonstrate the BI difference in the most meaningful (and objectively measurable) way.

How Does BI Create High-Performance Direct Response Marketing?

We take on each project from scratch- no preconceived notions... no pre-fabricated bias. Every project is 100% unique. We do the hard work to uncover a fresh angle(s) or an entirely new theme. Because modern buyers want to be wowed, we apply 21st-century solutions to the task- not the "same old, same old" formulaic tactics from 5-10-20+ years ago. Our collective brilliance approach offers immense innovations because it brings the best of all 3 buyer impact dimensions into one powerful message. Since it is grounded in marketing science you don't have to lean on hope that our recommended hooks, etc, are sound. There's little marketing voodoo... just solid work yielding wow creative.

We blend quality messaging with eye-grabbing imagery to get the creative viewed and the desired "call to action" answered. The challenge of getting prospect attention and holding it is not to be underestimated. How many email promotions in your inbox this morning were flowed straight to your trash can without even a look? How many got a quick look and quickly followed the first group? How many actually pulled you in and got you to seriously consider whatever they were pitching? Did any get your credit card out of your wallet? We employ novel approaches to do well against such hurdles, motivating more prospects to take a serious look which is a first step toward getting the opportunity to close them.

Enormous passion goes into each new campaign as if we are creating a fine work of art. Years of highly-tuned experience is icing on the cake. For Internet promotions, we work in many mediums including email marketing, multimedia marketing, webinars, vodcasts, podcasts, infomercials, etc. For direct mail, we've developed short format, long format, #10, magalog, tabloid, bookalogs, etc. (we've done them all).

Along with developing the creative, BI can also help you manage the campaign from end-to-end. This can include sourcing the ideal lists to test (a massively important piece of good direct response marketing campaigns), setting up the test cells, executing the statistical testing phase of the campaign, measuring the results, recommending the lists that are roll worthy, executing the rolls and tabulating & documenting the final results. We can do all this cooperatively with your people or up to turnkey if desired.

We have an extraordinary mix of talent in our subcontractor network including premier, "A-list" copywriting & layout teams in both online and traditional mediums (some of the creative in the interactive slide show is from some of these teams). List specialists, mail & email services, creative packaging groups, fulfillment services, video & audio specialists, campaign management, etc.- whatever is needed for the kind of DR to be done, we likely have the very best talent on hand ready to make it happen for your company. Even if your current messaging is already doing well, we can help you aim higher. See the BI difference for yourself by testing us against your established control. If your business could benefit from fresh creative energy & experience, contact the Big Innovations team right now. We look forward to helping you find the next big thing.

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