Is your sales team operating at maximum productivity? Is revenue-per-salesperson trending favorably or unfavorably relative to historical norms? The Big Innovations team has substantial experience growing the effectiveness of sales teams. We work with them to clearly identify their opportunities & challenges and then innovate solutions for each one. Just a small gain in individual salesperson productivity can yield an enormous boost to your bottom line.

If you haven't done the calculations what would even a 20% improvement in revenue-per-salesperson mean to your company? How about 50%? 100%? 200%? Or more? Our team has helped average salespeople become sales super-performers. We've grown average sales unit revenues as much as 5X-10X or more in as little as 6-18 months.

How Our Sales Team Consultants Meaningfully Grow Revenue-Per-Salesperson So Quickly

First, we directly interact with the team. Because they are so close to your customers they tend to know better than anyone what is right and wrong about your offerings, sales model and so on. Often they can even offer pieces of ideal solutions to the right sets of (very experienced) ears. Our objective position as an outside resource can motivate them to open up and share issues and ideas that might not be as readily (or clearly) communicated to company insiders (where politics and emotions like fear can suppress this crucial information). This intimacy is one key to our success in growing sales talent productivity.

Second, we do the analysis on what we learn. Is the problem or limitation actually centered in the sales team or is it something else? Product quality? New process conflicts? Fundamental changes in the marketplace? New competitor tactics? The list can be substantial but we have the experience to cut through the noise and zero in on the most tangible opportunities. You might have the most talented salespeople in the world falling short of their full potential because something else in the sales model is weak, needlessly capping what they can do.

Third, once we've objectively identified the core issues we can work with your team to develop solutions. If it is non-sales related, we can apply proven methodologies like our product development process and collective brilliance methodology to develop cutting-edge recommendations. If it is a quality of leads or promotional issue, we can utilize our broad experience in marketing to help you fix those issues. If it is sales related, we can dig in deeper to better understand the cause-effect relationships and then orchestrate and/or conduct sales training that specifically reconciles the issue(s). Etc. One of our great advantages is our competencies beyond just the sales discipline. We can recognize growth opportunities within your sales department as well as all of the feeders that influence their productivity.

Adding or Enhancing a Sales Team for Record-Breaking Business Growth

Use the following interactive presentation to get a feel for the record-breaking potentials in adding or enhancing a sales team. When you hover over the image, left & right navigation arrows will appear. Click the right arrow to step forward through the presentation...

Use an internal or outsourced sales team to increase revenue-per-customer A sales team can dramatically increase marketing ROIs by 3X to 6X over marketing alone BI telesales solutions are a high-impact, relatively low-cost way to grow your revenues BI professionals can work with your team to increase revenue-per-salesperson Our turnaround solutions can quickly reverse negative trends BI is thoroughly experienced in all sales profession matters. We can help your sales department in many ways BI sales services aim at growing revenue-per-salesperson in dramatic fashion Leverage our experience helping many companies in many industries grow their sales productivity We always aim for record-breaking results Contact BI for a FREE Consultation

Working with your people, we develop innovative, actionable solutions. For example, if your current prospect pond is mostly fished out, new salespeople, more training, a change in compensation or reward programs, etc, won't magically create new fish for them to catch. In that scenario, we could help you discover new markets and/or new revenue streams to thoroughly restock your pond. Or it might be simpler than that... such as streamlining your sales process or helping your team gain greater focus where their opportunities are hottest right now.

Our Sales Consultant Objectivity is Crucial to Maximizing Sales Team Productivity

Sometimes fundamental observations (often more apparent to objective, outside consultants like us) can facilitate big increases in salesperson productivity. For example, two very common issues for many sales teams- 1) non-selling task work assigned to salespeople, and 2) obsolete sales technology tools- are often illogically supported internally with "we've always done it that way." Many time-wasting issues like these are just leftovers from when the company was smaller- when the sales team was also the customer service team, and also the fulfillment team and also the ___________ team, etc. Observations of time-wasting processes that can easily be removed from salespeople and covered- if necessary (which is not always the case)- elsewhere can result in tremendous revenue growth from the very same sales resources you already have. Ignoring outdated sales technology provides a great opportunity for more modernized competitors to take market share from you.

Eliminating time-wasting processes and updating technology support creates more selling time. More time spent selling your products or services will almost certainly result in more sales. Do you want to cling to the status quo of "we've always done it that way" or do you want the increased revenues? You would be surprised how often even fundamentals like these are overlooked in companies wanting to grow.

So many sales impact innovations revolve around psychology & sentiment, connecting the right reward system with the desired actions, listening to the marketplace and knocking the controllable (sometimes illogical) obstacles out of the way. The issues can range from the simple- even fundamental- to the complex. Our team can help you identify those issues and offer our best recommendations on how to address them. We can also help you implement the recommendations completing the cycle of observation, identification, recommendations, implementation and harvesting the rewards of increased production. Invite Big Innovations to show you how we can help your sales team become much more successful where it counts most. You'll love the revenue growth. Free consultation

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