Show & tell works better than ever when trying to sell your products or services

Remember "show & tell" when you were a kid? Remember how much fun it was to show your "gee whiz" product to the class and tell them all about it? It was a powerfully effective way to pitch a product to an audience.

And it still works well, right? You have your sales team doing the adult version of same game- only now the product is your business offerings. And you need your audience to do more than just see & hear the presentation; you need them to BUY it... NOW! So if show & tell works so well when your salespeople do it, why aren't you using this thoroughly proven sales approach on your website?

Relying on text & static image promotional messaging to sell on your site is old school. The web was intended to be so much more than just old print marketing concepts being displayed on your prospect's screens. We have substantial experience in the creation and design of multimedia tours optimized for the Internet and capable of selling your products and services using interactive animation, video & audio narration. We've developed cost-effective innovations which can help you showcase your offerings in ways that will be years ahead of your competitors. Instead of just presenting another boring "me too" (copy heavy) web page, add a custom-designed Internet infomercial and watch your sales explode! Think of it like your own on-demand virtual salesperson or web commercial ready to sell your products or services with your very best pitch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Streaming Video is Not Always THE Marketers Solution for Internet Multimedia

There are many technologies in which to enhance your sales messaging along these lines. It's likely you've been exposed to the most common ones- steaming media (video & audio). These are often in Quicktime, Windows Media, Flash, WebM and/or Ogg Theora formats. Web video offers marketers the ability to do anything that can be done in any other form of video from the cheapest quality of some local cable used car commercial to the maximum wow of network broadcast graphics and/or big budget movie trailers. Some companies will simply take their television commercials and render them for web media delivering the very same commercial for their website audience.

The biggest upside to using streaming video is this complete flexibility to show anything at up to mind-blowing qualities of video & audio. Imagine the most impressive scene you've ever viewed in a movie or TV show and that very same scene could be streamed on the web. BI resources can help you create wow quality streaming media rivaling anything you've ever seen from your competitors.

The biggest downside to streaming media is in their bandwidth-hogging nature. Streaming media- particularly streaming video- requires trade-offs based on each viewer's unique circumstances. TV advertisers can take certain things for granted such as the large size of the playback screen and the big (bandwidth) pipes of cable & satellite providers, which guarantee a smooth flow of the video & audio from broadcaster to viewer. In simpler terms, when was the last time you had to watch a TV commercial at a smaller size because you didn't have enough cable bandwidth to see it full screen? Or when was the last time a commercial needed to buffer for a while before you could play it on your television?

You can't take such things for granted with Internet streaming media. A segment of your prospective customers may have broadband connections that match or exceed your own. They should be able to see such media as you see it. On the other hand, other prospects may have slower connections. They will need to either be patient while the video buffers- sometimes again and again during a presentation- OR they may need to select a smaller version of your commercial (reducing the width & height on their screen). Too many times, we've seen companies try to use web video at their (internal) preferred sizes (because it plays just fine on their local computers and via their ultra high-speed business broadband connection). Such thinking delivers a very poor experience for many prospects & users which is missing the point of using such media in the first place... especially for marketing purposes.

Minimizing the Bandwidth Hog with Efficient Streaming Marketing Media Alternatives

BI has very skilled resources for helping companies do anything they want to do in streaming mediums. Our core competencies in growth disciplines like marketing add the extra dimension of focusing on the main objective of utilizing such solutions (to motivate a prospect to do something like buy a product or service). More simply, we think about such issues as those shared in the last paragraph and offer ways to still accomplish your objectives in such mediums while overcoming problems like variable bandwidth.

For example, there are several mainstream technologies that can simulate a full streaming video experience without actually pushing all that video data through variously-constrained pipes. One has the complicated name of HTML5 + H.264 + Javascript and another is Adobe Flash. Both H.264 and Adobe Flash have streaming video capabilities which make both candidates for the bandwidth-hogging issues that adversely affect prospects with slower connections. However, the HTML5 & Javascript parts of the former and the animation scripting capabilities of the latter offer bandwidth-stingy ways of creating some visual wow without the high bandwidth requirements. By bandwidth stingy, we are referring to ways to create some on-screen eye candy without requiring viewers with slower connections to watch in either tiny video player windows or have them waiting over and over while the stream buffers. If the goal is to make a sale you want the selling experience to be as dazzling as possible for the broadest base of prospective buyers. Leveraging these alternative technologies give you a great way to do that.

Some Specific Applications Where Multimedia Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

There are many uses for this kind of solution beyond the obvious one (as an online commercial to sell your offerings). For example:

  • New Website & New Product Tours: We've had several clients engage us to use this technology to help introduce their new or updated websites. For example, Nexus Financial Group wanted to help existing members of a new B2B website better understand how to use and access many popular features. By educating their subscribers on a broad range of available offerings they believed they could improve their retention (because members would likely discover greater value in the website subscription). Nexus also wanted a tour that layered in subtle and not-so-subtle suggestions for prospects to subscribe. They knew that non-subscribers would watch the tour too and they wanted it to help move these prospects to buy. As a result, we developed a presentation that did both jobs (education & promotion). This helped their customer base embrace the new site's many features while also winning a large volume of new subscribers.
  • e-Learning/e-courses: If you have information or educational materials in search of monetization, these technologies are excellent ways to package your content for online consumption. Rather than shoot video of a seminar and mix that with video of Power Point slides and similar you can instead closely replicate that same kind of deliverable without having to jack up user bandwidth requirements (and thus screen out and/or disappoint buyers with slower connections).
  • Infomercials repurposed: If you use infomercials to help sell your products or services, every time you get a winning infomercial a great deal of the creative in the infomercial can be repurposed within these technologies. For example, the narration track and many of the more interesting visuals (graphics, etc.) can be leveraged in these kinds of technologies to bring the same sales magic online. "Call now" can be replaced with "Click now" for online ordering and the finer details showcased on the big screen (television) will still look great in the bigger playback windows of these technologies (much preferable to just converting the infomercial to a web video and having it play back in tiny player windows with lots of buffering delays for some prospects).
  • Interactive Quizzes: These same kinds of technologies can be presented as highly interactive presentations that can branch based on choices made by your users. One terrific application of this capability is the interactive quiz. For example, one of our clients had an educational course they wanted to sell online. The price was relatively high for their space so they needed some innovative ways to motivate prospects to consider their proposition... even recognize the need to own this particular course. BI employed this technology to create the need. We developed a teaser gimmick for their website in which prospective course buyers were challenged to test their knowledge of the topic covered in the course. The quiz questions were culled from information conveyed in the course. We designed a tough quiz resulting in a high fail rate (by design). Failing the quiz exposed an in-their-face need to do something to gain the specific knowledge. The presentation immediately presented the solution to them: a recommendation to buy the course. This sold a multitude of courses making our client very happy. The fun in the concept of the free quiz exposed the immediate, glaring need for the knowledge and buying the course was the obvious, immediate solution.
  • Etc. (there are many other applications; these can be a more mainstream (audience) choice almost any time you might want to use web video)

A multimedia presentation, web infomercial or interactive application is just another way our team can help your company grow your Emarketing profits. We can connect you with your target audience in new ways and move that audience to take action. Couldn't your Ecommerce goals be achieved that much sooner by having your message sold with spoken words & animation? Wouldn't adding an interactive feature help differentiate your offerings from your competitors- even the whales?

A human voice conveys emotion, inflection, passion and so much more than the very same copy appearing on any web page design will ever do. Even the best copywriter in the world can't compete with the added dimensions of spoken words, animations and interaction that adapts a pitch to each user's needs. Your salespeople get the job done by speaking your message. Now your website can take a big step in that direction too! Plus, it can endlessly pitch any number of prospects for no salary or commissions- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- a tireless & highly-optimized winning presentation every single time.

Earth Offers 7 Billion Potential Buyers: Your Business Should Fish in New or Bigger Ponds

There are markets well beyond your classic (local) market...

If your business is on fire, do you really want to be told how nice your yard looks?

In global Ecommerce, North America represents only 5% of the market. If you heavily focus your sales on the North American segment you are missing out on many larger markets waiting for you to sell them. These multimedia sales presentations can be constructed with these kinds of opportunities in mind. If we design them heavy on the imagery, adapting one for other global markets is mostly re-recording the narration in the target language(s). If you wanted to test your way into some markets beyond your classic boundaries, this is a cost-effective medium to gauge global demand.

Our Expert Consultants & Solutions Are Ready to Help You Grow Revenues & Profits!

Our team can deliver a turnkey solution for you. We can create your own narrated presentation from scratch and deliver a high-polish Internet infomercial in short time frames. Or, we can interact with your people to craft ideal messaging, outline & story board in an optimal flow, record & process titillating audio and/or video and then blend it all together into your own dedicated, online power play.

Contact us for a FREE consultation. Tell us what you would like to accomplish with the power of the human voice and we'll make it happen in the most effective way. "Show & tell" worked wonders when you were a kid; it can work even better today. Now you can apply 21st-century solutions to sell your business "gee whiz" to the whole wide world. We can make it happen. Contact us right now.

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