A disjointed team running in different directions can't yield big successes.

How well are you doing against your strategic plan this year? Does your company have a written plan? Do your employees know the plan and do they operate to it? Are the goals & tactics spelled out so they know exactly what you want them to do- big picture & small? Are reward systems synchronized to the plan? Does your business plan thoroughly unify your entire team?

A well-crafted strategic plan should be a detailed battle plan for your company. It should be the most tangible example of quality communications from your generals to and from the front lines. A planning culture facilitates transferring the opportunities and burdens of making the business go from a few at the top to ALL of your employees. It aligns everyone with key objectives and clarifies how the company expects to achieve those objectives. Done well, it balances the control needs of management with some creative freedom in the greater pool of employees that get most of the work done. That balance helps it all get done well.

The Big Innovations (BI) team has helped many companies develop potent strategic plans. Our proven process involves closely aligning company innovations with customer wants & needs. We can effectively guide a company throughout the entire process- even if that company has never had a formal strategic plan before. Then, we can help you properly communicate the plan, reinforce it and manage your ongoing growth with it. You want record growth right? A quality plan lays out how to do it and taps into the collective brainpower, energy, etc, of your entire team to make it happen.

Superior Human Resources Productivity Yields Record Revenues

By design, a good plan creates structured delegation so that the most senior managers can significantly reduce their workload in the day-to-day and give more focus and time to leading- not being- the team. This can yield a more hands-off scenario whereby managers can simply hold their team to executing the plan and not have to be involved in every nitty-gritty detail. Management is freed up to be more strategic and thus better able and focused on meaningfully growing the business. Failures here (top managers spending too much of their very valuable time & energy on now needs) is the #1 obstacle to rapid business growth. If your managers joke about the company chaos culture, they're consciously (or unconsciously) begging for a way to bring order to that chaos.

Installing a planning discipline is key to helping a small to medium-sized company grow into a large company. The stresses of flying by the seat of your pants can give way to fewer emergencies and much greater productivity. What would having more time at the executive level mean to the bigger growth aspirations of your company? What would tapping into ALL of the brains in your employ- instead of just a select few at the top- mean to corporate innovation, cost-savings, efficiency & revenue growth? In short, a good strategic plan can unify the employees and foster exceptional teamwork. A cohesive team with clearly defined objectives can give you a much greater ROI on your human resources.

If your company does not have a formal plan or if it is becoming increasingly clear that the company cannot grow much larger without a strategic transfer of the day-to-day tasks from higher to lower levels, contact the Big Innovations team. We can guide you through the process and help you empower your most valuable resource while keeping the company aimed at its grandest objectives.

A disjointed team running in different directions can't yield big successes.

If your company has a strategic plan but has some challenges working with it, we can diagnose the issues and help you overcome them. If only a handful of employees can reasonably describe the content of your plan- especially how their own role contributes to it- BI can help you adapt communication tactics to maximize planning benefits.

5 Key Strategic Plan Manager Functions

  1. Use quality customer, competitor and company research to create a wow (and detailed) plan.
  2. Consistently communicate the plan to all stakeholders.
  3. Delegate the vast majority of making it happen down the chain of command.
  4. Hold the staff accountable to following the guidance of the plan.
  5. Regularly monitor, measure and communicate plan progress.

Do these 5 steps well and you can maximize your company effectiveness of getting from here to the wow there you seek. If any of these are a bit weak at your company you're missing some opportunities to grow your business more effectively. Either way, a free consultation with the Big Innovations team can be a powerful step in the right direction. Contact us today!

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