Our team is focused on quickly delivering tangible & measurable results. We bring you over 30 years of cumulative, focused experience in every facet of growing businesses in the financial publishing (hereafter FP) space. In service to small, medium and large publishers, we’ve:

  • helped companies with any form of scarce, unique or desirable information, tools or education average better than $550 per customer PER YEAR in subscriber model revenues.
  • shown financial publishing companies how to produce & sell high-margin B2C subscription offerings priced between $99 and $11,000 per year.
  • grown new customer acquisitions at better than 40% per year.
  • optimized loyalty programs to retain better than 67% year over year.
  • helped little publishers become big publishers and non-publishers enter the very profitable space.
  • built award-winning, best-in-class products & websites emphasizing cost-effective Ecommerce and Emarketing models and loaded with prospect-converting hooks.
  • designed premium subscription services from scratch and coached publishers wanting to enter and flourish in the most profitable realm of financial publishing.
  • conducted the richest market research (several hundred thousand dollars worth of FP market research) in the space and used it to develop the smartest business plans, products & websites financial publishers have ever had.
  • smoothed out roller coaster revenues by developing & selling lucrative monthly autocharge offerings, yielding a remarkable stabilization effect on what was historically volatile cash flow.
  • evolved B2C products into B2B offerings and sold subscriptions at $25K or more per year and PER USER.
  • Etc. (this list could be quite long; we've done just about everything for financial publishers wanting to grow)

Financial publishing subscription models are high margin, relatively low maintenance businesses with great upside potentialBasically ANYTHING related to how to start an investor newsletter, growing a financial publishing business, creating a premium email recommendation alert service, developing an education or investment information mobile and/or web-based subscription model, telesales model, helping registered-side (Wall Street) businesses take advantage of the BIG benefits of financial publishing, etc, has been among our most focused efforts for over 30 years. There is no other firm in the financial publishing space with more knowledge of what works & what doesn't... and with the depth of practical industry know-how than Big Innovations. Hire us and we'll hit the ground running proving our value (yet again) with fast ROIs on big profit successes.

Our team has decades of experience working in some of the most lucrative subscription models on earth. We've battled fierce competition while absorbing every nitty-gritty nuance of best-in-class practices. We’ve pioneered breakthroughs to rapidly grow membership and subscriber models while dazzling customers & forging long-term loyalty. Our latest whole model install was from scratch and has already become the most profitable division of our client’s company. We are masters at helping companies turn financial information products into extremely lucrative online and/or print subscription businesses.

If you already have a subscription model we can make it stronger. Let us take a look and we can show you ways to make it yield record results. Our quick diagnostic processes can rapidly reveal opportunities for improvement. Need mobile publishing solutions to tap into iTunes, Android, Windows, webOS, etc, markets (several HUNDRED MILLION BUYERS strong and rapidly growing each month)? Upselling models to grow revenue-per-subscriber? Fresh acquisition channels? Etc. We’re always ready to roll up our sleeves to turn our recommendations into reality. Every model we’ve ever examined has always had significant room for improvement. Our caliber of actionable recommendations can add dramatic growth to your bottom line. We'd love to show you that money!

Starting a Financial Publishing Subscription Model Business

If you aren't capitalizing on subscription or membership revenue streams now we can design a thoroughly optimized model from scratch catering to the unique needs of your business. And we can do it all turnkey if you like. Perhaps you already publish something (a blog for example) that has a big following (a chunk of your "fans" are probably willing to pay you for what you share with them)? Maybe you have a free section of your website in which you produce great, high-value content begging for a subscription model to convert it from cost center to profit center? Let BI take a look and we'll show you how to best go about monetizing your production.

Considering the massive benefit of their recurring revenue nature (transactions are realized again and again, sometimes for many years), subscription sales potential can be quite lucrative at popular FP industry price points...

Quantity of Subscribers

FP margins also tend to be FAT- especially on renewals, cross-sales and upsells- making a good-sized slice of the numbers shown above PROFIT for the FP entrepreneur. Our high-performance marketing models have captured over 2,500 new, paying subscribers EACH MONTH for industry players... at better than $550 in average revenue-per-subscriber each year.

Our expertise has been honed by engagements in every phase of subscription models. For example, we can:

  • conduct the research with your target audience to help shape the most ideal offerings they’ll want to buy. As referenced above, since 1995, we've accumulated, compiled & updated several hundred thousand dollar's worth of relevant market research. It's already on hand... immediately ready to help you do it all right.
  • execute the competitive analysis so that you can incorporate the "best of" competitor growth innovations into your products, website, marketing model, mobile app, etc, leaving little reason for customers to buy from anyone else. We can show you how to see very valuable information like exactly how many paying subscribers they have. This can help narrowly estimate their revenues & profits.
  • write the sharpest business plan to maximize the agility, understanding, communications and execution of your team so that everything gets done best-in-class, on time & on budget. If you want to attract investors for startup capital a great business plan is an absolute must.
  • manage all new product development or repackage existing materials into a highly desirable mobile, print and/or Internet product and brand.
  • create all of the related web pages (or a complete Ecommerce website) to help lure in prospects wanting to subscribe and move more existing members to stay and renew their subscriptions.
  • produce all of the marketing & sales creative: copywriting, layout, advertising, multimedia, direct response, web marketing, email marketing, sales support brochures, trade show flyers, etc.
  • execute up to all of the marketing functions or assist your own team in utilizing the most proven, highest ROI tactics in optimal ways.
  • apply marketing science via statistical sampling to cost-efficiently break into new markets and make the most of current prospect pools. Use objective information to make better decisions about how you utilize your marketing budget.
  • structure the smartest, most cost-effective approaches for each campaign and orchestrate the new acquisition, cross sell & up-sell, renewal and loyalty programs to maximize your success.
  • help you take advantage of the massive & rapidly growing mobile app market (hundreds of millions of buyers) so you can sell & deliver subscriptions to your product or service via Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods, Google Android devices, HP osWeb, Microsoft Windows Phone and others. We offer up to turnkey services: 1) fleshing out your app concept, 2) recommending & managing the programmers and 3) doing all of the pre-launch, launch and post-launch marketing to fuel success.
  • do all of this and much more! If it's associated with FP growth we've done it... probably many times before.

In short, BI delivers best-in-class, best-of-breed subscription model solutions. Let us build a massively successful, recurring revenue stream for your company!

If you see even the slightest opportunity for something you offer to be repackaged as a financial publishing subscription product, contact us for a free consultation. We'll be happy to show you portfolios of control creative, 21st-century marketing breakthroughs that are thrashing the ROIs of the "same old, same old" methods and much more. If you are already a somewhat established publisher looking for ways to significantly grow your revenues be sure to review the 7 key investment newsletter business growth solutions highlighting strategic options to help you better compete with the most profitable players in the space.

A Selection of Trader & Investor Products & Services That Sell Well

Subscription and membership models are the ultimate profit-generating solution for companies that produce almost any kind of information deliverables. Any concepts that are best conveyed over a span of time via print or e-publishing, audio, video, webcast, investor or trading blogs, trader chat rooms, etc, are perfect kernels to grow into a new revenue stream. Here's a list of financial publishing products & services proven to sell well...

Investor Education
Investment advice
Investor Newsletters
Premium Services
Investor Software
Investor charts & tools
CD, DVD, Video, Audio, webcasts, podcasts, infomercials, vodcasts

Stock recommendation alerts
Option recommendation alerts
Futures recommendation alerts
Fund recommendation alerts
ETF recommendation alerts
Commodity recommendation alerts
Investor Email Services
Money Management Services

B2B Institutional Services
Trader Education
Trader advice
Trader Newsletters
Trader chat rooms
Trader Software
Trader charts & tools
Trader Email services

Is this list comprehensive? Not at all. Virtually anything that people might pay to read, hear, watch, learn, etc, can be ideally-suited to be packaged and sold for an almost unlimited stream of recurring revenues. Use this list to get your own wheels turning. For example, what can YOU produce along those lines that might be the next big thing to monetize within this industry? Or maybe you can produce something in this list in some better way than offerings that are already out there.

The market for such products is huge (there are many millions of buyers already proven to be willing, paying subscribers to FP industry offerings). Carve out a little of that for yourself and you'll be surprised at just how much even a lone individual can make in this space.

There is no other marketing services company with more experience in the space. Contact our team right now!

Leverage Our Financial Publishing Industry Experience if You Want to Grow Quickly

To rapidly grow an FP business requires a solid foundation in high-performing companies already established within the industry. Our core team members have deep, long-term experience with some of the most successful financial publishers. For example, one founding partner worked for 4 years at (Bernie) Schaeffer's Investment Research where he innovated his way to the senior position of Vice President of Marketing, Education & Development. During this time Schaeffers quickly grew from a small to very successful mid-size player culminating in record revenues of $17M per year. That record still stands.

Shortly after leaving Schaeffer's he joined the (Martin) Weiss Group for 4 more years of experience rapidly climbing that ladder to President. Under his leadership, Weiss set an all-time record in annual revenues at better than $74M per year: another all-time record that still stands. This involved growing from about one third of that total over just a couple of years.

In both roles, he was exposed to all facets of the growth-side functions: marketing & Emarketing, sales, development (product, business, website) and strategic planning & execution. The work at both involved everything from nitty gritty to strategic, establishing rich & diverse foundations of experienced know-how with all matters related to growing this kind of business. A tremendous skill set of doer functions gave way to management-level functions which involved teaching others to be great doers. Management functions progressively deepened into the strategic. Just the knowledge transfers you can get are enormously helpful to anyone without those same kinds of experiences.

Similarly, another founder has over 2 decades of experience doing similar, wow things for other FPs. This includes a stint climbing to the top (President of one of the companies) and becoming part owner of another. Again, the work also involved everything from lower level (key) tasks to highest level vision setting, strategic planning, etc. And again, all-time records were achieved even in old set-in-their-ways businesses that had been around for several decades.

You & your team plus Big Innovations talent equals fresh ideas, new enthusiasm and better results!

In all of these roles, both founders tested dozens of outsourced contractors, consultants, freelancers, etc, building up a master contacts database of those specialists that proved to be exceptional at delivering highest quality work for competitive fees. Now many of these best-in-class contractors are a part of the BI network of proven talent readily available to help YOUR company grow. Your BI point person would work like a master contractor pulling in this specialized talent as needed. This gets you a high level of quality without the usual high cost of having all those talented resources on staff. And if you don't already have a prime, goto directory of such talent, we can save you the costly waste of testing through many potential contractors and finding much of what's available lacks the needed FP industry knowledge, capability & experience to deliver the results you seek.

If you are an established FP company we can help you evolve your business to better compete- and (meaningfully) grow- throughout the next decade. If your business has remained about the same as it was 3-5+ years ago, you know you need to change with the times to rejuvenate it. A tired marketing model, website, product, etc, isn't going to magically fire up a lot of new buying interest. We can help you step up to the most modern breakthroughs & standards making you and your product look better than ever before. New solutions for an ever-evolving marketplace are needed if you want to jack up your growth curve.

If YOU Are Thinking of Becoming a Financial Publisher...

Some major reasons to engage BI:

  1. Direct, industry experience: The FP industry is a fickle industry loaded with logical tactics that will flop and illogical ones that can deliver in big ways. It can be very expensive to the entrepreneur who wants to try to guess his or her own way into the space (costly mistakes are easy to make and good business intuition will generally deceive you). BI can be your "been there, done that" guide to help you shortcut your path to lucrative success. This will help you save money AND make money... better & faster than you can possibly do on your own.
  2. High value customer & competitor research: In service to many clients over the years, part of our work often involves engaging in customer & competitor research. We think of such research as a fundamental way to drive big innovations for clients as it leverages the very people most likely to buy your product AND taps into the brilliance of established players working hard to grow their FP businesses. Among many crucial answers the accumulation of this kind of research reveals medium and long-term trends of how the market is evolving.

    Sure, you can do your own market research from scratch but there's no way anything short of several hundred thousand dollars of investment in similar research could begin to compete with what we already have on hand. And don't fool yourself into thinking you don't need the information because YOU personally know what customers want. That's the most common & costly mistake made by new FP entrepreneurs (believing their own personal wants & tastes will perfectly match up with the people who subscribe to FP products... a naive mentality that often yields a product & website that appeals to just one person- the entrepreneur). Use this valuable asset to help you go to market with products they'll want to buy, a website they'll want to use, etc.
  3. Innovations: That experience referenced in #1 comes from serving dozens of FP companies over the last couple of decades. As such, we've picked up a number of "best of" innovations by recognizing what individual players do better than their peers. If you want to enter the space we can help you leverage that time-tested knowledge to help position you to stand out from the crowd. Adopt the variety of 'best of" innovations and you'll launch a superior business with many advantages over even well-established competition. This is the very best way to navigate the maze.

    Leverage Big Innovations expertise to help you navigate the maze We can also alert you to strategic weaknesses prevalent throughout the entire industry giving a next-generation FP entrepreneur opportunities to do things in superior ways compared to the old guard. This can help you aggressively jump into the race and take share quickly.
  4. Execution: BI is as much about execution as we are about innovation meaning we can help you fully think through the optimal ways to position yourself, your product(s) & your business... and then actually execute those concepts with- or for- you bringing them to life in best possible ways. Need a website? We can architect it for you then build it to plan. Need a product(s) with certain crucial customer-driven features? We can design it for you then build it so that it (and you) will wow your prospects & customers. Need launch marketing creative and a launch marketing plan? We can create both for you leveraging our experience to make the most of every dollar in your marketing budget. Etc.

    Need ongoing growth-side services post launch? We can be your outsourced marketing, sales, web, product management, etc team. In short, if you would like to have a team to help make it all happen and/or keep it growing but you don't want the heavy obligations, expense and trouble of hiring, infrastructure, HR law, HR benefits, etc, BI can better-than-replicate the in-house staff in those functions without the downsides to actually having to employ and house all that staff.
  5. Etc. (yes, there are several other major reasons which we can reveal on engagement. Hopefully the above gives you a reasonable feel for what BI can bring to your new FP business venture).

The FP industry has plenty of room for capable entrepreneurs skilled at delivering value (recommendations, education, and/or tools) for individual investors & traders. From our perspective, it's on the verge of a changing-of-the-guard-cycle as new "up-and-comers" utilize 21st-century approaches, technology, etc, to overtake even the "Kings" who still heavily cling to tired, 20th-century mentalities & tactical approaches. These "set-in-their-ways" (self) limitations present a big opportunity for the new financial publisher wanting to make a big splash. If you want to enter the space, you would be best served to tap into our experience to help you do it all right. We can run swiftly making all of the inter-related pieces of doing it best-in-class come together in cost & time-efficient ways... so you can wow your present and future subscribers & customers.

Contact us for a free consultation. Best we know, we're the ONLY full service consulting team available with this specific type of knowledge & breadth of industry experience. Use us to fuel your own success.

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