7 Strategic Solutions proven to grow financial publishers to record revenues

Well-Proven Ways BI Can Help You Set Profit Records This Year

BI’s core competencies range far beyond design, creative and recommendation-oriented deliverables. Having been Directors, VPs and Presidents of some of the most profitable financial publishing (FP) companies in the space and having helped a wide variety of investor-serving businesses of all sizes break records since founding BI in 2004, we have the experienced know-how to bring cutting-edge solutions to any recommendation, education, software or trading tools-oriented business hungry to grow now. Below, find brief descriptions of 7 big innovations proven to yield substantial profit for financial publishers or investor educators...

1. Premium-Priced Mobile or Email Recommendation Alert Subscription Product

FP industry “kings” make the majority of their profits with mobile and/or email alert services (up)sold to their existing database. This usually increases their annual average revenue-per-subscriber by 500% (yes, that's FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT) or more. Compared to newsletter publishing, this kind of service is typically far easier to manage and publish yet commands lucrative revenues many times (often 10-50 times) what you charge for your flagship product.

The #1 money maker for financial publishers are premium alert services, increasing revenue per subscriber by as much as 5 to 10 timesSince the target market is primarily the list you already have (these products are typically upsold to your own database), margins are sky high. But here's the best part: you can use a chunk of the substantial surplus cash you gain from these sales to significantly increase your new customer acquisition budget. Growing your subscriber acquisitions expands the upselling opportunity for premium services which then fuels even more acquisition volume potential. This "two-piston model" is how the “kings” create the robust cash flows to rapidly buy their way to industry domination.

A premium model can yield a lot of profit when properly applied to even the smaller publisher's business. These profits are probably well beyond what you've ever experienced running without a premium service model. With BI's deep expertise in premium product business models- including long stints running some of the most successful premium subscription business models in the industry- we can help you develop a wow premium service on what you already know, build your own best-in-class model and rapidly harvest substantial profits in the short-term. As a general guideline, every 500 active newsletter subscribers is probably worth around $110K in additional revenues each year.

What if you already have a premium model? BI can bring enhancements to grow yield by helping you integrate well-proven solutions missing from your own implementation. We've worked with most of the highest-performing premium service models in the space. There's almost certainly a number of key growth-driving innovations missing from your implementation. Sure, you might guess your way into some of them over a lot of time (and at a lot of expense). Or you could engage us and let us help you shortcut your way to those added impact innovations this year. Added profits rapidly follow.

2. A Telesales Team Can Increase Marketing Campaign ROIs by 3 to 6 Times

Some of the most profitable players in the space have a crucial secret of success. They know that using a cost-efficient telemarketing team to support their marketing acquisition, upsell, cross-selling & renewal campaigns dramatically increases ROIs by three to six times. That's:Add our telesales solutions to your marketing model to increase ROIs by 3 to 6 times

  • 3 to 6 TIMES MORE sales conversions.
  • 3 to 6 TIMES MORE renewal orders.
  • 3 to 6 TIMES MORE upsells & cross-sales.

If your business is depending on marketing alone- like many industry competitors- imagine your own results multiplied by 3 to 6 times! Adding a quality telemarketing model is a great way to explode your revenues.

BI has a long history of helping companies harvest the profit-multiplying power of telesales. We can help you cost-efficiently test your way into a telemarketing solution so that you can sample the dramatic impact before making much of a commitment to this new powerful asset. Whether you would want to install your own team or use a proven outsource solution, BI can help you every step of the way. What would 3X-6X better results mean to your business this year?

If you already have phone sales/service agents, BI can draw upon multi-company experience to help you increase revenue-per-salesperson. Even small improvements in this metric can add up to substantial gains over the course of the year.

3. Modernize Your Newsletter, Education or Charts & Tools Product

Do your products look outdated? There was a time when making a newsletter look like it was created on a typewriter was perceived to be a benefit. That time- like that typewriter- is long gone. Today children use modern software to produce very polished documents for school reports. Are you still asking people to pay you $100+ per year for a newsletter that looks like it was designed in the 1980s or 90s? A sharp, modernized design makes a much better, "WOW!" first impression- a major key to building up your product's perceived value. Blending into a very dated (looking) crowd is not THE way to grow your business.

BigInnovations newsletter designs are wow form and function. Stand out from the crowd and delight your subscribers

You may also need killer function to go along with that new eye-grabbing form. If you allow BI to help you modernize your product, we can:

  • draw upon well over a decade of FP industry market research to enhance your product with any customer-desired features that are not there now,
  • help you engage your existing subscribers so that you incorporate their cumulative desires,
  • help you weave in direct competitor features so that prospective buyers see little reason to buy elsewhere,
  • work with you to blend in any exclusive mobile, print or Internet innovations you’ve always wanted to add,
  • open new revenue channels such as the iTunes, Android, Windows, etc mobile markets which include hundreds of millions of prospective subscribers, some of whom are longing for what you can provide delivered on their iPads, iPhones, iPods, Android & Windows-based devices. This market is more than 150 times larger than the market in which nearly all of your competitors also fish for new subscribers. And it's rapidly growing every day.
  • do up to all of this without making the actual production of the letter any more complicated than it is now (we can probably make it easier to publish each letter).

Great marketing always involves striving to win in all of these dimensions. Let our talented team help you make your product(s) much more appealing. A product enhanced with the best customer & competitor-driven features and long-term industry research, blended with any new ideas you have and packaged in a modern, standout design can win you major points with your existing base (measured in record renewal revenues) while attracting new customers much more effectively than showing that same old, tired design that was last updated how many years ago??? One of our original designs just had a cameo in a major motion picture. Ask BI how we can help you rise above the crowd.

4. Modernize Your Website To Attract New Buyers & Retain More Customers

Many FPs put up their websites long ago. And it shows! A tired design doesn’t maximize lead and customer conversions; it tends to immediately undercut perceived value in everything you offer and drive potential buyers away (after all, if you as seller don't put much into showcasing your company and products to the fullest, why should a prospective buyer believe there is much value in your company and products?). There’s a profit-oriented reason why retail stores regularly renovate their storefronts. Does your website cast a modern image that motivates visitors:

  • to stay?
  • to share their contact information?
  • to buy your products?

From a design perspective, does your website make you look like a cutting-edge alternative for individual investors or a company that might not even still be in business? When you review competitor websites do you wish that your site was as polished? We can help you leap ahead of the competitive landscape with a cost-efficient website modernization project.Modernize your website and the revenues can roll in

Even if you don't care that much about your website, consider this: your new subscriber acquisition marketing is much less effective than it can be if the website many of those targeted prospects check before buying turns them off. You put so much effort into trying to woo as many new subscribers as possible. Why not put a slice of that kind of effort into making one-time upgrades to your site so that it can actually help you convert more prospects into buyers instead of working against your marketing objectives? A poor website makes every marketing campaign yield less than it's best.

When BI builds or renovates a website, function follows form. That means we draw upon all that we’ve learned from working with some of the most successful players in the space. We also utilize exclusive and cumulative market research to design customer-centered sites that wow prospective buyers. We analyze direct competitor sites to insure that any “best of” features can make it into our client’s new site, mitigating reasons for prospective subscribers to shop elsewhere. Consider these questions:

  • Is your website loaded with the crucial marketing & sales hooks to maximize lead capture and customer conversions, new acquisitions, upsells & renewals, organic search discovery (SEO), etc?
  • Does your site imagery link with your product design to showcase a professional, unified brand? Or do your products & website look (up to) completely disconnected?
  • Does your website offer all 3 of the crucial product types to compete against the most successful companies in the FP industry?
  • Is your Ecommerce flow smooth & intuitive or do you notice you are losing too many prospects before they finalize their order?
  • Are your subscribers given channels through your site to help you evolve it to continuously delight them? Does the site help them realize enhanced value in the products they buy from you motivating them to give you profitable renewal dollars year after year?
  • Is the site warm & welcoming for those crucial first-time visitors enticing them to give your product a try or at least share their contact information so that you can exploit this no-cost source of quality, relevant leads through subsequent low-cost tactics like Emarketing?

Website & mobile web technologies evolve very quickly. If you are not close to cutting-edge, opportunities to grow are decaying right out from under you. BI has mastered the art & customer-centered "best of" functionality of website design or modernization for financial publishers. Use our proven solutions to jump ahead of the pack.

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