7 Strategic Solutions proven to grow financial publishers to record revenues

Well-Proven Ways BI Can Help You Set Profit Records This Year

Below, find 3 more brief descriptions of innovations proven to yield substantial profit for financial publishers (FP) or investor educators. Combined with those on the previous page, these 7 turnkey solutions tend to be among the most crucial advantages that distinguish the new customer acquisition, revenue and profit growth for the “kings” of the space vs. everyone else. Just below this list you can check boxes of those innovations in which you are interested to request a FREE consultation, so that we can show you how to better apply them to your own unique situation.

5. New Investor or Trader Product to Revitalize Prospect & Buyer Interest

Few things can fire up revenues better than a hot new product that everyone wants to buy. As little as one killer new product can help a FP blow by their revenue targets and set themselves up for lucrative renewals for many years to come.

A brand new product can fire up your revenues

The biggest key to success is hitting a demand bulls eye which is achieved by adopting a customer-driven product development approach. A customer-centric new product is designed by tapping into the collective brilliance of those who do the buying. It also draws upon the "best of" elements from direct competition as well as internal innovations uniquely your own. This 3-dimensional approach maximizes the chances of hitting a home run.

The financial publishing industry typically builds a new product to internal taste(s) and then goes in search of a market. BI can help you flip this around so that the market of hungry buyers actually helps you build the product they want to buy. The very few FPs that do it this way tend to be the ones that are growing faster than everyone else. Could your product development model benefit by layering in demand-driven creative brilliance?

6. Strategic and/or Marketing Plan

The typical FP started out with one or two people who wore all the hats in the business. They controlled everything because they did everything. The businesses that grow into huge successes do so because a special few of these entrepreneurs recognize that they eventually have to get out of their own way. Unfortunately, significant FP growth is often hard capped at the maximum productivity of the leader(s) who just can't let go. They want to personally control everything to such a degree that they become their own company's biggest bottleneck. How can they retain this absolute desire for control while delegating away many of the responsibilities key to growing beyond their maximum personal productivity?

A fresh BigInnovations business or marketing plan incorporate the latest breakthroughs for growing revenues and customer bases

Developing a strategic plan is the optimal way for a leader to guide growth without having to be personally involved in the details. By laying out a written plan for growth the leader meets their own need to control while empowering their team to take on the responsibilities that desperately need to be delegated. A good plan also unifies the whole team toward common, measurable objectives in a way that "flying by the seat of your pants" can never approximate. If your business is constrained by productivity bottlenecks, a strategic plan is a very powerful growth solution. It is THE very best way to maximize the productivity, creativity and ROIs of your human resources.

A very polished strategic plan is also important when you want to start this kind of business, take on partners, seek capital from investors or bankers or when you want to sell the business. This use of a plan aims at motivating strangers to find great value in putting money into your business often for little more than the potential in some future return. An FP entrepreneur interested in selling out entirely or taking on some partners in the next few years is very well served to immediately adopt a planning culture in which they can demonstrate an ability to perform against written goals & tactics. This results in tangible proof that the business can perform... with and without them. It helps amp up the valuation of the business when you are pitching it to a buyer or investor by showing them a plan that illustrates additional growth potential.

7. Multimedia Marketing Solutions: Prospects Are Tired of Long Copy Email & Mail

Long copy email & mail promotions that look like 1980’s & 90's Direct Mail promotions are wearing out their welcome. The vast majority of them look so much like every other email promotion from your competitors they are immediately flowed into your prospect’s trash can... long before they get a chance to even pitch your product. As Apple marketing would say: “Think different!” There are many other ways to sell on the Internet rather than sending another 9000 words and a few static images in one (very) long email.

Multimedia presentations are a great way to connect with prospects & customers to sell more than ever

For example, over 70% of the FP target market uses a broadband Internet connection. Knowing this, are you exploiting the much more powerful messaging capabilities of video, audio, webinars, vodcasts, podcasts, infomercials or other multimedia tools to sell your products? Or are you still clinging to print marketing concepts popular in the eighteenth & nineteenth centuries?

Our team can create turnkey, multimedia presentations that will sell for you 24/7. We favor intelligent technologies that deliver a big-screen experience- even through a dial-up Internet connection- making it fully accessible to all 100% of your target audience. Instead of the one dimensional impact of copywriting alone, a narrated presentation can blend in inflection, audible emotion, etc.- all the powers of the human voice- to more thoroughly grab your prospects and help them bond with you in ways that can never be matched by even the best copy. Instead of hoping that all prospects will not bail out of the (always) linear flow of long-copy direct mail or email, you can sell through a BI-designed multimedia presentation that offers interactive features so that your prospect can see what they want to see when they want to see it and “buy now” at any moment rather than having to work all the way to page 23.

BI can create original multimedia presentations for you in any format (HD, SD, H.264, Flash, Quicktime, Ogg Theora, WebM, HTML5, etc) for any purpose (email marketing, website, CD-ROM, DVD, mobile, social network, direct mailers, trade show promotions, television, tangible bonuses for your hard offers, etc). A terrific test is to base the creation on your current control package pitting old school long copy marketing against this medium in a head-to-head showdown. Long copy email is a tired, overused tactic. Show your prospects something fresh & new and win more tangible ROIs by rising above the "same old, same old."

Click the boxes of each of the 7 Big Innovations in which you are interested

Premium-Priced Subscription Product: Dramatically increase revenue and profit-per-subscriber with a thoroughly proven premium service model
Telesales Team: Get a typical increase of 3-6+ times more conversions over your marketing & Emarketing alone with the well-proven power of telesales
Modernize Your Product: Blow out your renewals, new revenues and overall profits with a wow product overhaul that delights your base
Modernize Your Website: Enhance a dated, tired website into cutting-edge, state-of-the-art... dazzling your customers & prospects so that you can win many more subscriptions
New Product: Create a best-in-class new product to underpin your goals for revenue & profit records this year
Strategic Plan: All great accomplishments start with a smart, efficient plan. Let us help you create a plan to unchain maximum productivity and maximum profit
Multimedia Marketing: Grab more prospect attention to increase conversions using animated, narrated, interactive forms of marketing & Emarketing

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The prior page describes the first 4 lucrative growth solutions in more detail.

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