Already Have the Innovations? Need the Make-it-happen Horses?

So you have a great project in search of a champion(s). Or some part of your strategic plan needs skilled execution now and no one can take it on. Or, you engaged Big Innovations(BI) to help you innovate a next big thing, now you want to turn innovation into reality but everyone on your staff is already (over)loaded. Whatever the situation, as soon as you hear your team say their plates are full think Big Innovations. If it needs to get done we can be your on demand, dedicated professionals always ready to make it happen.

Many companies wanting to grow have the frequent need for a few more resourceful professionals to take on the overflow projects. Growth plans always squeeze existing resources as part of the growing pains. There are times when companies are (over)staffed up for new thrusts (idle capacity awaiting new tasks) and there are other times when your human resources are fully engaged with little-to-no capacity for even one more new task.If you team can't fit in your next big thing, engage the Big Innovations team. We'll make it happen!

BI can be your on-demand experienced horses to execute your plans without the full-time expense of hiring (more) employees. We can start now bringing as much talent to the project as needed to get it done right… on time and at budget.

With our deep and varied experience across many industries we can often hit the ground running doing whatever needs to be done related to growing a business. The on-call nature of contracting means you can use us only when you need us... no layoffs, no benefits, no office space, no expensive idle capacity, etc. We can closely simulate the experience of permanent staff through video conferencing via Skype, AIM, etc, as well as email & phone. And we'll be happy to come to you to cover any shoulder-to-shoulder working desires. Using such options, the cumulative effect is a close approximation of your existing team extended with new, capable talent- only this new talent is as deep & diverse as needed at any given time... and NOT a permanent drain on your payroll.

Engaging BI for your overload projects yields a relevant point person to interface with you just like one of your current direct reports. They'll likely tap into the long-term experience of other members of the BI team and best-of-breed specialist subcontractors (experienced talent that we have found to be the ideal mix of quality & cost) much like your managers might parse out an assignment to the best talents on their team(s). The difference is that the BI team is probably deeper and more robust than any in-house team on your payroll which gives us the ability to dynamically allocate great capacity as needed per the scope of the project you want done. More simply, your BI "department" is staffed by as little as one to as many as hundreds of people based upon whatever you need done. BI resources are all about efficiently getting it right the first time on practically all matters related to business growth. Try us and see for yourself.

Where BI's Talented Business Consultants & Contractors Can Help Your Business Grow

BI offers dynamic resources around all of the growth functions of business: marketing & Emarketing, sales, development (product, website, business) and strategic planning & execution. Our core competencies are in these growth-driving disciplines. As such, we are not staffed for the rest (the non-growth functions of business). If your project is not within our core competencies, we'll tell you and you can pursue other resources to get those needs met (or we can help you source such resources). Otherwise, odds are high that some of us have great expertise with your kind of project. If so, we'll assign the most proven talent to the task charging them with getting it done on time and at budget.

BI can help you make it happen in various ways:

  • On Demand Strategic Consultation: BI can contribute much "been there, done that" expertise to your strategic initiatives including helping you intelligently flesh out the tactical level solutions to support practically anything you want to do. The key value component of tapping BI resources at this level lies in how we can help you avoid the often costly traps that come from trying to do everything on your own. Trying to wing it into a new business thrust can easily cost many times the total cost of the most intimate BI engagement making just such an engagement a "no brainer" relative to your goal of rapid growth. This level of service could be structured as classic expert consultation & implementation on demand ranging from utilizing BI experience in your strategic planning process to engaging BI as an outsourced team (in conjunction with internal resources or a complete outsource solution). BI has the dynamic resources to offer practically any level of service to meet your needs.
  • Mid-Level Tactical & Activity Contributions: A notch below strategic, this would primarily be the function of receiving strategic directives from you or your team and helping your company actually implement them in optimal ways. For example, in a recent session with another client, there was some strategic consideration about using an outsourced telesales team solution vs. building their own internal team. With years of deep, nitty-gritty experience managing highly productive telesales units at a number of companies, BI was fully versed in every detail in terms of setting up such a group (including legal requirements, ideal incentive programs that yield maximum productivity, ideal training methods, ideal organization structure right down to optimal sales desk setups, monitoring solutions, team structure, etc). BI is loaded with knowledge of even very fine details such as how salespeople should be seated to maximize results. The point of the example is that tapping into our knowledgeable talent can help you make optimal decisions about new growth thrusts as they apply to your particular kind of business. Then, if your team is overloaded with current tasks such that they can't (or can't fully) implement the decision, our team can step in and execute to profitable fruition.
  • Lower-level Project Services: BI is also skilled at many of the nitty gritty tasks that support growth initiatives. When you have the strategic concept worked out and your middle management has nailed down the tactical thrusts that contribute to making it happen they'll sometimes need some help to knock out one or more of those tactics. Perhaps their people currently have full plates? Or perhaps the specific tactic is a bit outside their people's core competencies? Either way, it is very likely that BI specialist talent are masters of whatever the tactic demands.
  • "Doer" Level Task work: You could use BI talent & resources to do the very crucial "doer" level work in optimal ways, avoiding the typical waste of both money & time that companies lose trying to work out such things on their own. Core BI talent- as well as several multi-talented BI subcontractors- could lend great expertise to practically every growth-oriented initiative in your strategic plan. If you would like to do any growth initiative right the first time, BI can provide the expertise- and execution- to make it happen.
Big Innovations always gets our projects done on time and at budget.

In summary, BI offers a range of collaborative services- grounded in deep and varied growth-side experience at helping small & medium-sized companies become large companies. The depth of our talent makes it possible for BI to save your company enormous amounts of time & cost in attempting to streamline the path toward accomplishing your growth objectives. While we can play a relatively minor role- such as covering any low level tactical need in your marketing, sales or development departments- BI can also deliver much more than that by offering up to a level of experienced and deeply knowledgeable guidance on practically all matters related to intelligently helping you grow your business.

Sooner or later, every company needs resourceful horses to help them grow beyond their classic space. Often times, the internal staff that might be able to blaze the new trail is already overloaded with other tasks or must maintain focus on the status quo. Anytime you need a little more help, your typical choices are hiring or contracting. The latter can get you all of the benefits of hiring without its various shortcomings. BI would love to help you realize your new project. Contact us for a free consultation.

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